Best Laptop Bags

Best Laptop Bags – A guide to buying best laptop bags for men and women

In the present time, whether it is you or I, we all carry our work with us so we need to carry our laptop bags, wherever we go. Sometimes it on our smart phones (a truly important gadget these days), and other times on our laptops (a trustworthy option). While carrying a laptop, we are always concerned about its security because laptops are really sensitive or delicate these days, therefore, we want to keep it secure and safe. No matter how large or small your laptop is, there are things like adjustable straps, or different pockets for different things, that help you keep your expensive gadget right. In this blog, I will list down a few things that you should consider while buying best laptop bags for men and women, and also some of my favorite laptop bags.

My Guide to Choosing Laptop Bags

Whether you are going to work, class, or camping, you would obviously not want a bag that cannot keep your expensive system safe. So, here are a few things you should keep in mind while buying that perfect laptop bag for you.

1. The size that fits well 

A bag that won’t fit in your laptop is not worth it at all. Check what size laptop you have. Own best laptop bags that can accommodate your laptop, accessories, and a few other necessary things. Especially when we talk about laptop bags for women, it must have some extra space where they can keep their makeup. I believe that buying a 15 inch laptop bag is ideal. It will free you from the unnecessary burden of expenses when you change your laptop or switch a job where you get a laptop of a different size.

2. Want to carry it to work or fun?

If you want to carry your laptop to work, look for a bag that is practical and easy to carry to and from home. Especially if you travel on public transport, ensure that your bag has extra padding so the laptop does not gets knocked out when you travel by train or bus during peak hours.  For men riding a bike to work, travel backpacks are a safe, comfortable, and better option than buying sling laptop bags for men.

3. Number of compartments

An ideal laptop bag for men is the one that has a number of compartments that can keep all items safely: a large compartment to keep the laptop and a few other compartments to keep a charger, mouse, your wallet, mobile phones. Laptop bags for women, a few other compartments to keep their other essential items.

4. Waterproof or not?

Let me clear you, MOST laptop bags are water-resistant and not waterproof. So, never take a risk of getting drenched in rain with your expensive stuff in your water-resistant laptop bag. So, either buy a waterproof bag or keep an umbrella with you during the monsoon season.

5. Handle type

Just like bag padding, handles are the most important thing in a laptop bag because it has to carry the weight of your laptop and all other things kept in the bag.

Look for a bag that has a strong grip with a little padding to make it comfortable for you to carry.

6. Bag or Backpack

Some people like to carry their bags on their shoulders while others on the side. Make sure in which type you are comfortable and invest accordingly.

The best Laptop Bags

To make it convenient for you all, I have researched and provided a list of the best laptop bags for men and laptop bags for women based on price and reviews. Hope it will make things easier for you.

The Best Laptop Bags for Men


1. F GEAR Luxur Laptop Backpack

F gear vackpack

Priced at Rs. 1100 at Amazon (after discount), this bag is best laptop bags for men and is a style statement and what is called a ‘mature bag’. It is water-resistant and has enough space to keep laptop accessories, important documents, and a few other things.


2. Vebeto Anti Theft Backpack with USB Charging Port

Vebeto Anti Theft Backpack with USB Charging Port

Priced at Rs. 899 at Amazon (after discount), this bag is smart, stylish, spacious, water-resistant, and has an anti-theft design where the zipper of the main pocket is hidden at the back. The best thing about this bag is that it has a USB port with a built-in charging cable that offers a convenient charging of your electronic device anywhere.

3. Hammonds Flycatcher- Genuine Leather Laptop Bag

Hammonds Flycatcher 15.6 inch Genuine Leather Latest Design Office Messenger Laptop Organizer Bag Brown

Priced at Rs. 2459 at Amazon (after discount), this premium quality leather office bag for men give a corporate look and at people with age. It gives a shade of two colors and has enough space to keep all your stuff.

4. Red Lemon Hybrid

Red Lemon Hybrid Bred lemon

Priced at Rs. 1899 at Amazon (after discount), this bag is shock and WATERPROOF. The fur lining gives it a soft and smooth lining.

The best laptop bags for women


1. Kraptick Canvas Vintage Backpack for laptop

kraptick canvas

Priced at Rs. 899 at Amazon, this laptop backpack is high on style. Super-comfortable shoulder straps, it is highly comfortable and stylish.

2. The house of Tara- Laptop messenger bag

house of tara

Priced at Rs. 999 at Amazon (after discount), Genuine leather handles, and a metallic zip closure. It has wide pockets to keep your important stuff together.

3. Daily Objects French Mustard Fashion City Compact Messenger Bag

daily objects

Priced at Rs. 1749 at Amazon, this Daily objects bag has a quirky figure-print in white and black. It is something that you will not be able to resist buying.

4. Hidesign Women‘s Shoulder Bags


Priced at Rs. 6594 at Amazon, this bag is an exemplary example of unparalleled work. It is the most stylish laptop bags for women and features world-class craftsmanship. It is perfect for fashionable corporate women.

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