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7 Best Men Wrist Watches Brands in India You Should be Familiar With

Wrist watches have been an essential device and have been an essential fashion accessory ever since its invention. Nowadays, watches are as essential as your outfits and I am sure you cannot deny this fact. Whether it is a casual engagement or a professional meeting, wearing a wristwatch adds grace to your outfit and makes it more voguish and stylish. In fact, choosing the best men wrist watches brands in India is also an indicator of the amazing choice that adds up to your fashion sense and also helps in determining the style quotient of the wearer. 

Did you know?

The study of timekeeping is known as horology.

Some branded watches stand unique in the best men wrist watches brands in India category because they increase in value over the passing years and stand as a good option as an investment alternative.

In today’s fashion industry, there are hundreds of brands to choose from and in fact, many brands have merged modern technology into this fashion accessory making it more charming and worth buying.

7 Best Men Wrist Watches Brands in India

In this blog, I will share with you 7 best men wrist watches brands in India that are a perfect accessory to style with any outfit and make you more appealing at parties and meetings.


Do I need to give an introduction to this highly-reputed business tycoon in India? I don’t think so.

Titan is the fifth largest manufacturer of luxury watches around the globe and it is probably the first Indian brand that comes to our mind when we think about the best men wrist watch brands in India. Known for its superior craftsmanship and innovative technology, it is one of the most loved and trusted brands in India. 

The reason that makes Titan stand out in the brand list is that it has a range of watches for men and women for almost every occasion and budget. Titan’s other brands include Sonata, Raaga, and Fastrack.

It is needless to say that if you do not have a Titan watch, your wardrobe is incomplete.


When we think about premium watches in India, the brand that strikes our mind is Tommy Hilfiger. 

Tommy Hilfiger is an American fashion apparel brand that has dominated the market of best wrist watch for men brands in India for a long time. 

Whether it is a festive affair or a sport session, this brand’s wristwatch can make you look elegant in no time. One strange, but the best thing about this brand is that even after being a highly-reputed, popular brand, Tommy’s watches are not expensive. You can easily buy them on Amazon and Flipkart.


Daniel Klien is a stylish watch brand that offers men and women wristwatches at a great price. People looking for the best men wrist watch brands in India surely look at this brand’s watch because it offers cool and classic wristwatches at affordable rates. Whether you prefer a watch that’s bold, colorful and edgy or rather one that is more conservative in its styling, Daniel Klein offers it all.

Though the brand launched its first watch way back in 1973, it has become a popular men wristwatch brand in India recently. Daniel Klien watches are easily available on online stores.


Citizen is a Japanese brand popular in the list of best men wrist watch brands in India. This brand has been serving durable and modern watches all around the globe since decades.

Citizen is a great brand for men who love to wear classic expensive premium watches. Whether you like analog or chronograph or digital watches, this brand has got it all. The only problem while buying Citizen watches is the budget constraint. If you have a high budget, you have a wide range of collections to choose from, but if you want an affordable watch, this brand is not meant for you because Citizen watches are a little expensive from other watches.


Casio wrist watch is a leading competitor of Titan that offers inexpensive and affordable watches without compromising on the quality offered. G-Shock is one of the most renowned collections of watches which is famous among the common masses. Many celebrities have also been supporting the brand Casio.

The reason this brand stands tall among the best men wrist watch brands in India is that it offers beneficial features like shock resistance, and water resistance. Casio watches are environment-friendly as they use solar energy to charge the watch batteries. Ain’t that a pro point? Majority of Casio watches use 6 Radio technology, which allows them to display accurate time in different parts of the world.


Rolex holds massive popularity in the best men wrist watch brands in India and abroad. It is a luxurious brand most loved by businessmen and high-end working individuals. Though available in Indian market, Rolex holds more popularity in the international market compared with Indian market due to its high pricing.

Rolex is one of the watch brands that is ideal for investment options as its watch gains value over the passing years.

Each Rolex watch takes around one year to form and each watch is tested individually.


This watch is my most favorite wrist watch for men. It gives a stylish and elegant look and I am in just love with it.

I am saving the best for the last-this is the brand that needs no introduction. Emporio Armani is a name that is specifically taken for the younger generation who had an eye for spirited, free and fresh designs. Armani has been one of the best men wrist watch brands in India for quite some time and offers voguish wrist watch designs that fashion lovers would look for. Some of the best offerings that this brand offers in India are wrist watches, fashionable wallets and more.

These are the 7 best wrist watch brands in India which will help you Get Voguish. I hope the above list will help you to Get Voguish and choose the best wristwatch for men.

And, do let me know in the comment section below for which are your favorite watch brands you love the most.


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